Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 21

Left: Ayham (left) and Suhail

I got my computer out to transfer these diary entries over to it from my phone. Suhail and Ayham were back from school, so I let them play with it for a while, I thought they'd just use it for ten minutes. They've been on it for hours now even though they have their own computer, they're playing all of their pirated games and watched some stupid movie called Cellular, also pirated. I think they're just bored.

One funny thing: they started playing Hearts. They'd obviously seen it before, they're familiar with the idea of passing cards, etc. But they think the goal of the game is to get the highest score possible, so they keep playing exactly the wrong way and then cheering because they think they're troucing everyone else. Very cute.

We ate dinner, Musa's wife Afaf is an excellent cook. I keep forgetting not to eat with my left hand; I can’t tell if they think that’s weird. Afterwards we smoked Musa's argila (sheesha/hookah) outside. Musa got a call from B’tselem while we were smoking: someone was being held at a checkpoint near Jerusalem and had been there for three hours, apparently because he asked the soldiers why they were ripping the seats out of his car.